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Tobacco Industry

The World of Taste and Harmony
The use of tobacco has long been a tradition in all parts of the world. New tobacco blends and improved formulas have paved the way to continuous enhancements in taste and enjoyment of tobacco products.

We stock a wide variety of standard ingredients to aromatize, improve and/or intensify the characteristics of burning and harmonizing the smoke of tobacco products.

For more than 80 years AMBROŽ has supplied essential ingredients to major tobacco companies. Our in-depth knowledge of tobacco and its enhancement go hand in hand with the absolute discretion needed to secure proprietary formulas and blends.

This experience and integrity provide the foundation for our long-standing and successful working relationships within the tobacco industry - especially when creating new flavors and resolving specific product requirements.

Through such individual solutions, AMBRO is prepared to service your need, and can help create or elaborate on specific components to develop and meet your product requirements.

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