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Confectionery Industry

AMBRO… the right taste that tastes right…
The world is full of sweet temptations-from A to Z, from Acerola to Zingiberis oleum (Ginger Oil), AMBRO markets a complete range of exquisite tastes from its stock of ingredients for the confectionery industry.

We also participate in developing new products - everything from licorice lollipops to mega-mint mints!

AMBRO positions itself as a key supplier for quality ingredients … and a solid partner for key ideas in product development. Our food chemists know the subtleties of taste and flavor to answer all your questions about new or improved product formulas. If needed, we can even help you design and equip a complete production plant to supply these products. In every way, you can put your faith in AMBRO® to find the tastiest and most complete solutions for your confectionery endeavors!

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