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  Our Trademark: Natural Quality

This guided tour through AMBRO begins with the quality raw materials we import from our suppliers all over the globe. These materials form the basis for our guarantee of the high-quality products delivered to Customers in nearly 50 countries around the world.

Our entire manufacturing process, from our field selection of quality raw materials on through the shipment and delivery of our quality finished products, is a long and meticulous one. Over 10 thousand square meters of warehouse space enables stocking a broad range of items, and provides an ample supply to insure against harvest failures, price changes and delivery obstacles. Thus we maintain our certified quality standards and apply our in-depth expertise to the analysis, selection, processing and storage of our raw material and products.

  AMBRO secures and holds hundreds of items in stock. Our inventory includes raw materials as well as finished products - all ready for delivery to AMBRO's customers.  
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