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Botanical Material, Raw and Processed

AMBRO supplies standardized products and blended products, all tailored to fulfill your specific requirements...
With decades of experience and our Certified processes, plant personnel transform tested raw materials into a wide variety of sophisticated, semi-finished and finished products. Variations include powders, coarse and fine cuts, granules, concentrates and extracts-all created with care under constant laboratory supervision.


Purity is our principle:

Starting with pure and quality-tested ingredients, our products are carefully transformed using specially designed machines and processes. All production is done with stringent in-process controls and final testing to meet our Certified quality standards.


Blended to perfection
Fruits and herbs must be processed with the utmost care to expose their full potency and efficacy. This is the best way to ensure that selected raw materials are transformed into high-quality finished products.

Precision Blending is an integral part of the production process. AMBRO INGREDIENTS has an extensive library of tested and standardized formulas to ensure Customer specifications for its products, including:

  • powders, coarse cuts, fine cuts, granules,
  • flavored and unflavored products,
  • dried herbal blends,
  • fruit and herbal extracts,
  • standardized extracts,
  • Natural-flavor additives.

When requested, we can also create the unique blend you need, exclusively using our tested and approved ingredients. For example, you will be very impressed with the range and quality of the licorice products that AMBRO can deliver on a consistent and continuous basis. Within one specific range of Glycyrrhizin content, AMBRO can supply many licorice products with different tastes and attributes. Within our wide selection of quality flavors and casing components, we can certainly find the one you are looking for!

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