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Confectionery Division: Delivery Program


Liquorice Extract
Spray-dried powder, block extract, paste (liquid and semi-liquid) extract.

These include a wide range of different qualities, different Glycyrrhizic acid contents and different flavour notes.

Cocoa Substitute: Carob Powder
With differing sugar contents depending on specifications. Different qualities to grant your expectations are fulfilled.

Individual blends, single flavours and standardised qualities, also available in both powder or flakes.

Our honey includes a wide selection of different tastes, origins, colours, and consistencies.

Natural Flavours

Essential Oils
Star anise oil, peppermint oil, cassia bark oil, anethol, clove oil etc.

Herbal Extracts and Tea Extracts
Eucalyptus extract, peppermint extract, star anise extract, green tea extract etc.

Natural Fruit Extracts

Prune extract, fig extract, date extract, pear extract, apple extract, apricot extract, tamarind extract etc.

AMBRO offers extracts, concentrates, puree, or pulp forms among numerous selections and flavourful options.

Dried Fruits and Herbs
Dried fruits and herbs of high natural value: Rosehips, elderberries, bilberries, hibiscus flowers, black currants, star anis, cloves, cinnamon bark etc.

Natural Sweetener
Agave syrup, stevia extract, high sweetening liquorice extracts, etc.

Natural and Artificial Flavours
Liquid fruit flavours of any taste, vanilla, peppermint, orange, strawberry, jack fruit, pineapple, mango, tutti frutti, etc.